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Bob Owen has dedicated his life to serving Slidell. After graduating from Northshore High School and LSU, Bob started several small businesses in Slidell, including his flagship business, PrescriptFit, which is sold regionally to hospitals and clinics across the Southeast. By creating jobs and contributing to our economy. Bob has real-world experience in bringing jobs to our area, managing payroll, and creating and adhering to budgets. As the Marketing Director for Pearl River Eco-Tours, Bob promoted local tourism and brought the natural beauty of our area to people all around the world. Bob currently serves as Executive Director for the Center for Health Management, wherehe reduces healthcare costs and works to lower insurance premiums for local businesses by implementing free market economics into the healthcare industry.. 

United By A Common Goal

Most recently Bob joined with State Senator Sharon Hewitt, as well as many others in the community,  in fighting against the devastating One Lake project. Without his extensive knowledge of the Lower Pearl River Basin District, and his organizational skills to bring the right people together to fight this detrimental catastrophe in the making, our way of life as it relates to our waterways was almost changed forever. 

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We can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, calling friends and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.. Every Slidell resident is tired of seeing our tax dollars spent on the West side of the Parish. It is finally time to make YOUR voice known. We accept help in all forms. Please contact us below.  

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